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Finding quality on the World Wide Web
A website is really alive and kicking only when it is found. The search engine digs, picks out and discards. Between the two is web marketing—that subtle, ingenious positioning technique that bends the search engine in its favour. People seeking quality are actually seeking wholesome product integrity and a credible profile of the corporate entity, services, including effective, productive ideas and concepts.

The World Wide Web is the best and shortest cut to locate one’s target. Information is mostly free so the traffic is fairly dense. The search engine traffic, especially of Google and Yahoo churn out real quality stuff so that a seeker quickly becomes a finder.

Like a showroom on a busy business avenue, the design of your site determines the look and the face of your business. If the design is ambiguous or confusing, your site visitor can look at it twice without seeing it. Twenty to thirty seconds is the most a surfer spends to look around. It’s all the time you have to arrest the attention of the surfer and turn his ambling into an actual sale.

We, at My True Solutions, add and vitalize the competitive edge of the website whose efficacy is better than conventional media:
  • Opportunity to compete with your rivals
  • Optimize Search Engine listing and Resource Discovery
  • Support for the Semantic Web
  • Re-purpose and repositioning content for multiple formats/ devices
  • Increase support for Internationalization
  • Modifying and optimizing access for low-bandwidth users
  • Minimize site maintenance
  • Site Search Engine Improvements
  • Address server-load and bandwidth
  • Increase market share and audience reach by optimization

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