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My True Solutions Web Designing & Marketing Company
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We are very happy to invite you in the world of web design and web marketing company in India-ahmedabad.

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Fact File:
Taking off
  • Dug its foundations in 2004 and became fully operational in only eighteen months
  • No more a fledging in 2010, My True stretched its wing-span fully to include an experienced band of committed professionals
  • The Company quickly built a tenacious customer base in and out of Ahmedabad
  • Carved and rounded off corners to include international clients, and their trust, within its ambit
Business principle and policy
My True believes that the only way to build our reputation is to work towards building your reputation—for it directly reflects on our integrity. Fully confident of being able to deliver quality, we started with an affordable price tariff for various stages of building the website/portal.

We are ever aware that clients work towards specific objectives and plans, such as—
  • the next year’s profits
  • leveling with or overtaking the competition
  • entering national and global exhibitions
  • meeting higher standards and acquiring global accreditation by value-added R & D
  • aiming for or increasing export ventures or techno-tie-ups
  • retaining existing customers and their loyalty, and
  • working towards widening market share (etc . . . )
We consider your objectives as opportunities for us—to help in fulfilling those aims. As catalysts, we believe that this is possible only when the integrity of your products and services are brought into sharp focus.
Our profile
Reflects the meaning and worth of our work, and it is there because of you. Let's give you a quick introduction to the sequence of web marketing, intelligent content & SE magnetism, web design, and SEO.

Much as we dislike the "fast-food-type, cellophane-wrapped” web solutions, one must admit that we live in age of quick solutions where people prefer templates of life, product and lifestyle. But in marketing a product or service, content generation cannot be a global “package” but a sort of custom-designed material of flavor and ideas that are target-specific. We continue to remind ourselves that your customers are intelligent, qualified and critical. And from here we begin the real work:
Web marketing is focused strategy
Our belief is different because we believe only in that which works:

To ensure efficacy in sales of consumer/industrial products in a website, a marketing strategy interwoven with incentives or purchase options on an interactive e-commerce platform is a proven tactic. But technology and engineering machinery, concepts, and products demand integrity and authority in acquiring excellence and credibility in the eyes of your customer. We, at My True Solutions, make sure that websites convey facts and images effectively, closing deals double-quick.

Characteristics of cars and trucks, their roadworthiness, safety features etc. are comparable with websites. Websites are like fast cars on the internet highway. As professionals we race with the changes as on a formula one track. As it emerged from adolescence to adulthood in 2004, the website's appearance and content has matured:  

Direct linking via trade directory portals to buyers of industrial products, institutions, government offices, reservations for holidays, connecting with outfits promoting causes and ideas, chat, social media, and other forums, mails and freebees are advantages that have amazingly popularized the web. Today in 2010, as we leap-frog a full decade beyond the millennium, we weave the website with well thought out strategies and tactics to be the preferred option in a roaring sea of competition.

Our marketing strategy is focused—for you, our client. This is the first aspect.

Let your pen or key-chain inch close to a powerful magnet, and watch it!
Acquiring Search Engine Magnetism:
A claim is empty until proven. By contrast, information and authoritative opinion carries weight on its own. As one desiring an impressive website, you must equip the webmaster or designer with genuine, valid, and relevant data. The information must take your competition's claims and stands into consideration and put an intelligent argument of excellence and advantages of the product, service or concept.

This type of information forms the meat of the content and, put forth in different ways, and from varying viewpoints, becomes search engine friendly and magnetic.

This is content. It is another aspect and the second way.
The First Sight
Design has priceless value. Not to diminish the value of content, we have known from experience that people react differently to home pages. A busy and quick decision-maker, the businessman is always in a hurry. He is sitting there to eliminate bad sites and book-mark the sensible one. More often mediocre graphics that look like a template, hoarding or a gaudy billboard, have turned visitors off. Heavy graphics slow downloading even on the fastest bandwidth.

But more than style and color—your customer’s glance into your show window—the home page, among umpteen other things, is also about sequencing elements of the design. This is the third aspect.
SEO: Worth its Weight in Gold!
Placing your company on the first page is often crucial in gaining valuable market share.  A search engine, in this instance—Google leads and adapts your results pages based on your clients search history, which enables businesses to target their customers even more effectively based on their search preferences.

Of all internet concerns search engine optimization is by far the most obsessive subject—but the most misunderstood. SEO continues to make people work well into the night because SE parameters keep changing more than twice a year.

Why do we work on optimization? Why do intelligent clients spend money on it? A lot of it is content management. SEO is the fourth aspect, but crucial, for it is the ingenious warp and weft of the website's noticability. Without it you can continue to rub shoulders lower down with many other sites on the net, and the seeker will never know you are there!
Software Customized
Every client's needs may be different. In keeping with your needs My True Solutions underscores software development as a crucial and competitive edge, customizing services if you want e-commerce features, or to build and maintain a database. We consider every inquiry a big opportunity to prove our mettle. The deal begins with finding out exactly what you, our client, want—and making very, very certain what you do not want. To avoid pitfalls we get the right picture to enable us to deliver real quality in the website and follow-up services.

These, and other perceptions, make us distinctive in approach. Analyzing the competition, personal experience, and changing web strategies fired our zest for blazing new trails.

www.webmarketingindia.com revved up in 2004 to burn rubber and scorch the internet highway.

My True Solutions is a mixed bag. Jayendra Sharma heads operations with design, content, research and optimization, straight off his quiver, adding worldly-wise insights. The crew, including expert affiliates, comprises creative persons who execute design and content, multimedia and special effects specialists, all of who work towards fulfilling our clients’ needs head on. Everything begins over coffee and the indispensable morning meeting. Next is the brainstorming of creative, and content wizards. What's in your best interests must be TOP priority.

We encourage you, our client, to prioritize website content to get it right for search placement. Those who have experienced our services are happy clients.

The satisfied client is a living testimonial for excellence in website services.

So we work smart, not hard, towards a rewarding online experience— for you, and for us.

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