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To be spotted in a crowd is recognition. The value of recognition lies in being distinctive. In business, being distinctive is a powerful advantage.

It is done effectively by the Logo identifying your product and/or company, and by the sheer excellence of the quality of your product or service, in spite of the Logo. As for the second point, people want to know who produced such quality, who is the owner of such a product, just as in music, who is the singer, musician; and in writing the writer. A product sans a trade mark is a headless person, howsoever perfect.

The trade mark, popularly known as Logo, is generally taken for granted. In fact it is a signpost identifying your product, and on closer examination, your company. When others copy a Logo or modify it to deceive buyers, the immediate reaction is a lawsuit for infringement of trade mark rights, and even a prolonged battle in the court. This very reaction heightens the importance of the Logo.

The Logo is a crucial part of your corporate identity. It includes the color scheme, font, and besides the aesthetics of design principles and print, dominates every advertising media that carries your message and ad campaign. Logo is embedded in the word Brand.

Branding encompasses more aspects of product and service identity that develop strong ideas and recognition in the public mind: There are colours, tags, uniforms, bus and aircraft graphics, crockery, bags, and other stylish freebees, etc. even special services and attitudes such as a distinctive welcome and reception at the airport or hotel etc., or even a well-known celebrity in person, are few examples.

Only experts who know about Logos and Branding can design a good and enduring Logo to consolidate your Corporate Identity:

My True Solutions has veteran designers who study your business, activity or service to understand it for the branding is conceived in the mind but poured out of the core value of your activities. Our expert designers conceive ideas that are catchy and endearing, visually appealing, to engrave the image/thought in the mind of the customer.
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